Plastic Recycling
Recycle Your Plastics Today - The Plastic Waste Recovery industry has thousands of buyers and sellers that are eagerly awaiting your offers right NOW. Plastic is an endlessly recyclable commodity and this valuable resource should be preserved not discarded or disposed of. It almost seems like Plastic gets no respect.


Recycling Marketplace
If you wish to buy or sell recyclable materials please check-out the extensive list of materials and add your own inquiry to connect with waiting buyers & sellers.
GRN.com is a neutral platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect.

Mixed Rigid Plastics

Mixed Rigid Plastics
Post consumer Mixed Rigid Plastics and Bottle Scrap typically collected from residential curbside recycling programs and material recovery facilities (MRF's)

Mixed Unsortable Plastic Waste
Hydrocarbon recovery and the conversion of plastic waste into oil, Energy from Waste (EFW) or Waste to Energy (WTE), mixed unsortable plastic waste
HBHW High BTU HydroCarbon Waste

Plastic Recycling Company Directory
There are a multitude of companies actively involved in buying, selling and recycling plastics each and every day, you may use the Plastic Recycling Company Directory to assist you in locating potential new trading partners.

Market Price Trends
The Plastic Recycling Composite Index tracks market price trends for a basket of plastics grades. The Index takes a daily snapshot of spot market prices and allows you to freely take a quick view of the past 7, 30, 90 days and 1 & 2 year trends.
If you require a more granular view of the spot market prices, subscriptions are available. Plastic Recycling Price Trends

Market Price Trends

Plastic Recycling Equipment
If you wish to buy Plastic Recycling Equipment feel free to browse the equipment directory or if you wish to buy or sell used equipment ADD your inquiry to the used plastic equipment exchange.

Plastics in the Ocean
Growing awareness of plastic debris in rivers, lakes and oceans have elevated concerns of Ocean Pollution to become viewed as a worldwide crisis. Please feel free to share your views and opinions to the Climate Change Discussion group.

Climate Change

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