Welcome to Waste.net
At Waste.Net we believe that the advancement of recycling
is dependant upon the establishment of a strong, sustainable economic infrastructure
based upon The 4 R's stradegy.

Waste.net is a ROCs Aggregator promoting innovation in recycling through the use of
Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs).
ROCs has the potential to revolutionize the waste recycling industry and change how
the world views environmental sustainability.

Recycling Offset Credits

Recycling Offset Credits

The Recycling Offset Credits program (ROCs) is a method to demonstrate the economic benefit and green impact of recycling to our society.
ROCs provides a measurement tool of actual tons of material recycled with auditable verification.
The adoption of the ROCs program provides an infrastructure to create direct financial stimulus resulting in an increase in the recycling rate.

Waste Exchange Network


Waste.net was established to maximize waste diversion efforts for waste materials and by-products. One of our efforts to increase recycling rates is through waste exchange, the matching of waste generators with potential users of those materials.
The company has consolidated its local and regional exchanges into an international Waste Exchange Network

Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary

Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary

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The 4Rs Discussion Group
The 4Rs Discussion Group

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We believe that you can recycle virtually 100% of all wastes, if the waste is an industrially manufactured product, than there exists an industrial manufacturing process that requires the raw materials. The challenge to recycling is economics, converting waste materials or scrap back into raw commodities and transporting those commodities to where there are needed.

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