Computer Recycling & Electronics Recovery
We believe as rational human beings we must accept the ultimate responsibility to leave future generations with a safe and sound environment and a world that has not been depleted of its resources


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File #: 5549

Computer Scrap and Dismantling Materials Markets - Price trends

Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Price Reports Available
(by grade)
Scrap Whole Computers
Scrap CPU Units
Scrap Drives
Scrap Keyboards
Scrap Printers
Scrap Scanners
Magnetic Tape Media Waste
Scrap Floppy Disks
CD / DVD Scrap
Populated Circuit Boards
Circuit Boards (sheared flush)
Soldered Circuit Board Trimmings
High Grade Circuit Board Scrap
Scrap Gold Fingers
Smart Card / SIM Scrap
Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC chips)
Sorted Integrated Circuit (IC chips)
Scrap Capacitors
Mixed Components (sheared or dismantled)
Unclipped Internal Wires & Connectors
Clipped Internal Wires
Unclipped External Wires & Cables
Clipped External Wires
External Connector Scrap
Transformers & Transformer Windings
Poly E~Scrap Loose
Poly E~scrap Baled
Poly E~scrap Mixed Regrind

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index
Electronics Recycling Index

tracks the changing market prices
in the Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) industry

Price Reports Available
(by grade)
Mixed Dry Cell Battery Scrap
Alkaline Battery Scrap
Mixed Button Battery Scrap
Gold Plated Button Battery Scrap
Nickel Content Button Battery Scrap
Lithium Button Battery Scrap
Mixed Lithium Content Battery Scrap
Lithium Ion Battery Scrap
Mercury Content Battery Scrap
Mercury/Silver Oxide Battery Scrap
Gell Cell Battery Scrap
Mixed Nickel Content Battery Scrap
Nickel/Metal Hydride Battery Scrap
Dry Cell NiCd Battery Scrap
Wet Cell NiCd Battery Scrap
Edison Battery Scrap
Mixed WEEE Scrap
Mixed Class B WEEE Scrap
Class B 10 WEEE Scrap
Class B 50 WEEE Scrap
Class B 51 WEEE Scrap
Mixed Class C WEEE Scrap
Class C 10 WEEE Scrap
Class C 50 WEEE Scrap
Class C 51 WEEE Scrap
Mixed Class F WEEE Scrap
Class B 51 WEEE Scrap
Class F 10 WEEE Scrap
Class F 50 WEEE Scrap
Class F 51 WEEE Scrap
Mixed Class M WEEE Scrap
Class M 10 WEEE Scrap
Class M 50 WEEE Scrap

was established to link buyers and sellers of used and scrap electonics

File #: 5550
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