Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Scrap Metals Index

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index

Tire & Rubber Recycling
Automotive Recycling Index

tracks the changing market prices
in the Auto Wrecking and Salvage industry

Price Reports Available
(by grade)
Whole Prepared Scrap Car Bodies
Flattened Car Bodies Scrap
Scrap Green Car Bodies
Unclean Motor Blocks Scrap
Clean Scrap Iron Motor Blocks
Automotive Cast Iron Scrap
Scrap Steel Wheel Rims
Scrap Aluminum Wheels
Unclean Auto Radiator Scrap
Clean Scrap Auto Radiators
Heater Core Scrap
Aluminum Auto Rads Scrap
Whole Scrap Auto Transmissions
Irony Aluminum Scrap
Irony Zinc Diecast Scrap
Irony Magnesium Scrap
Scrap Lead Wheel Weights
Scrap Lead/Acid Batteries
Scrap Catalytic Converters (assorted sizes)
Mixed Auto Fragments
Auto Shredder Fluff
Scrap Passenger Tires
Used Motor Oil
Windshield Scrap

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