Multi-Year Price Summary

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Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary:
by Grade of Material

The Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary is an annual price summary of the historical high, low and yearly average of the spot market prices by specific grade of material.

The Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary is presented for viewing online, in chart format.

You will receive the following data:
  • a summary for each historical year available for the specific grade of material
  • the highest spot market price within each year
  • the lowest spot market price within each year
  • the average spot market price for each year
  • and a summary for current year to date high/low/average

    The current year to date high/low/average will update daily until the end of the current calendar year. You will have access to view this updated information until the end of the current calendar year.

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    The Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary(s) are derived from historical spot market prices originating from

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    Other Waste Plastics
        PolyCarbonate Colored Scrap
        PolyCarbonate Colored Regrind
        Polycarbonate Colored Repro
        PolyCarbonate Clear Scrap
        PolyCarbonate Clear Regrind
        PolyCarbonate Clear Repro
        PCFR Scrap
        PCFR Regrind
        PCFR Repro
        ABS Scrap
        ABS Colored Regrind
        ABS Colored Repro
        ABS Clear Scrap
        ABS Clear Regrind
        ABS Clear Repro
        ABSFR Scrap
        ABSFR Regrind
        ABSFR Repro
        Acrylic Colored Scrap
        Acrylic Colored Regrind
        Acrylic Colored Repro
        Acrylic Clear Scrap
        Acrylic Clear Regrind
        Acrylic Clear Repro
        Acetal Colored Scrap
        Acetal Colored Regrind
        Acetal Colored Repro
        Acetal Clear Scrap
        Acetal Clear Regrind
        Acetal Clear Repro
        Celulosis Acetate
        Cellulosis Butyrate
        Cellulosis Propionate
        ECTFE Scrap
        ECTFE Regrind
        ECTFE Repro
        PTFE Scrap
        PTFE Regrind
        PTFE Repro
        PVDF Scrap
        PVDF Regrind
        PVDF Repro
        PEAK Scrap
        PEAK Regrind
        PEAK Repro
        PEEK Scrap
        PEEK Regrind
        PEEK Repro
        Polyether IMIDE
        Polyphenylene Sulfide
        Liquid Crystal Polymers
        SAN Colored Scrap
        SAN Colored Regrind
        SAN Colored Repro
        SAN Clear Scrap
        SAN Clear Regrind
        SAN Clear Repro
        SMA Colored Scrap
        SMA Colored Regrind
        SMA Colored Repro
        SMA Clear Scrap
        SMA Clear Regrind
        SMA Clear Repro
        SMAFR Scrap
        SMAFR Regrind
        SMAFR Repro
        TPO Scrap TPE Olifin Scrap
        TPO Regrind TPE Olifin Regrind
        TPO Repro TPE Olifin Repro
        TPE Polyester Scrap
        TPE Polyester Regrind
        TPE Polyester Repro
        TPE Styrene Scrap
        TPE Styrene Regrind
        TPE Styrene Repro
        Scrap Ink Jet Cartridges
        Poly Escrap Loose
        Poly Escrap Baled
        Poly Escrap Mixed Regrind
        Mixed Sortable Plastic Scrap
        Mixed Unsortable Plastic Scrap
        Mixed Plastic Regrinds

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