About Waste.net

Waste.Net Inc. was initiated as a project of RecycleNet Corporation
focused on establishing innovative methods to increase waste diversion.

Waste.net is a ROCs Aggregator promoting innovation in recycling
through the use of Recycling Offset Credits.

ROCs Aggregators

Waste.net Inc. is focused on providing a service as the worlds premiere aggregator of Recycling Offset Credits.
The company acts as a wholesale market maker to accumulate fragmented quantities of ROCs and consolidate into meaningful block lots.
The ROCs Aggregator service is tailored specifically to meet the needs of our ROCs sponsors.

ROCs Sponsors

Our client base consists of ROCs Sponsors that provide financial support to promote recycling. Potential ROCs Sponsors are any and all business, institutions or government agencies that need assistance in achieving sustainability goals. This also encompasses financial entities that desire a position in the green environmental space.
Recycling Offset Credits

A Recycling Offset Credit represents an actual ton of material that is recycled. The Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) program provides a verification of tonnage recycled with a full audit trail. Recycling Offset Credits may be redeemed for a certificate that allows full bragging rights for the tonnage recycled and a documented claim upon future or existing benefits resulting from the recycling efforts.

Flavor of ROCs

The Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) program is fully customizable to isolate ROCs that are related to a specific geography or specific commodities. For example a ROCs Sponsor could target electronics recycled in Louisiana, scrap glass in New York or all recycled materials in North Carolina. This allows ROCs Sponsors to focus directly on the area they wish to financially support by selecting a particular flavor of ROCs.

Recycling Offset Credits

Recycling Offset Credits

Waste.net was established to maximize waste diversion efforts for waste materials and by-products.
One of our efforts to increase recycling rates is through waste exchange,
the matching of waste generators with potential users of those materials.
To find a market for your waste materials, please submit your inquiries to Wastechange.com

Waste.net Inc.
P.O. Box 58228,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84158

File #: 11403
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