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Trash Away
Trash Away
Founded in 1997, Trash Away brings almost two decades of experience to communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and we are proud to still serve our very first clients. What sets Trash Away apart from other companies is our commitment to innovation, dedication, reliability and service - no matter the needs of your particular community, we'll develop a reasonably priced plan to keep your community clean, then perform those services on time, every time. We built our reputation as an innovator by creating a unique system to collect and remove trash from high-rise condominiums, without the use of dumpsters. Our system not only removes the odor and pest nuisance of unsightly dumpsters, but it reduces your legal liability. More than 100 luxury buildings in Washington, DC have contracted us for this patentable service. We bring the same level of service and innovation to all of our service lines; from dumpsters to valet services, you can depend on us.
Trash Away
Lorton, Virginia

Contact : Joe Bird
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