Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Exotic & Precious Scrap
was established to link buyers and sellers of Scrap Iron & Steel, Rail Scrap & Ship Breaking & Mill Steel

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index
Scrap Metals Composite Index

tracks the changing market prices
in the scrap metals industry

Price Reports Available
(by grade)

Sheet Iron Scrap (Sheet Tin)
Scrap White Goods
Mixed Steel Can Scrap
Bundled Steel Can Scrap
Oil Filter Briquettes
Mixed Scrap Iron & Steel
No.1 Steel Scrap (HMS1)
No.1 Steel Scrap (2 foot)
Special Steel Plate Punching Scrap
No.2 Steel Scrap
No.2 Steel Scrap (2 foot)
No.3 Steel Scrap (Unprepared Bushling)
No.4 Steel Scrap (Silicon Bushling)
No.4 Shredded Steel Scrap
Mixed Cast Iron Scrap
Sorted Machine Cast Scrap
Sorted Automotive Cast Scrap
Unclean Motor Block Scrap
Clean Motor Block Scrap
Whole Prepared Scrap Car Bodies
Flattened Scrap Car Bodies
Scrap Green Car Bodies
Scrap Steel Wheel Rims
Mixed Steel Turnings & Borings
Short Shoveling Borings
Steel Mill Scale
Manganese Steel Scrap

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