Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Exotic & Precious Scrap
was established to link buyers and sellers of Scrap Stainless Steel, Mercury, Titanium & Tungsten

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index
Scrap Metals Composite Index

tracks the changing market prices
in the scrap metals industry

Price Reports Available
(by grade)

Mixed Magnetic Stainless Steel Scrap
Magnetic Stainless Steel Turnings
Mixed Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Scrap
309 Stainless Steel Scrap
310 Stainless Steel Scrap
316 Stainless Steel Scrap
321 Stainless Steel Scrap
330 Stainless Steel Scrap
Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Turnings
Irony Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Scrap
Nickel Scrap
Nimonic Scrap
Inconel Scrap
Ni 60 Scrap
Hastelloy C Scrap
Hastelloy X Scrap
Invar Scrap
Element Scrap
Nickel Plating Racks
Nickel Catalyst Scrap
90/10 Cupro Nickel
80/20 Cupro Nickel
70/30 Cupro Nickel
Monel Scrap
Chrome Scrap
Cobalt Scrap
Stellite Scrap
Stelloy (HS 27)
Cobalt Catalyst Scrap
Molybdenum Scrap
M~1 Tool Steel Scrap
M~2 Tool Steel Scrap
Alnico Scrap

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