Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Exotic & Precious Scrap
was established to link buyers and sellers of Scrap Lead, Zinc & Tin

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index
Scrap Metals Composite Index

tracks the changing market prices
in the scrap metals industry

Price Reports Available
(by grade)

Mixed Lead Scrap
Battery Plate Scrap
Battery Lug Scrap
Lead Wheel Weight Scrap
Remelt Lead Ingot
Mixed Common Babbitt Scrap
Lead Solder Scrap
Lead Free Solder Scrap
Lead Covered Copper Cable Scrap
Lead Covered Cable Joints Scrap
Linotype Scrap
Type Dross
MonoType Scrap
Lead Dross
Lead Oxide Residue

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