Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Electronics Recycling Index

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index

Industrial Mineral Recovery

Scrap Glass Composite Index

track market prices and industry trends
for scrap glass
was established to link buyers and sellers of scrap glass

Price Reports Available
(by grade)
Mixed Scrap Glass
1/8inch Aggregate Glass
3/8inch Aggregate Glass
Scrap PostConsumer Container Glass
Sorted Clear Container Glass
Sorted Green Container Scrap
Sorted Amber Container Scrap
Plate Glass Scrap
1/8 inch Plate Glass
3/8 inch Plate Glass
Mirror Scrap Glass
1/8 inch Recovered Mirror Glass
3/8 inch Recovered Mirror Glass
Scrap Lab Glass
1/8 inch Borosilicate
3/8 inch Borosilicate
Scrap Incandescent Light Bulbs
1/8 inch Flint Cullet
3/8 inch Flint Cullet
Clear/Flint Cullet
1/8 inch Green Cullet
3/8 inch Green Cullet
Green Cullet
1/8 inch Amber Cullet
3/8 inch Amber Cullet
Amber Cullet
Fine Mesh Glass Powder

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