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Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling
About Catalytic Converters

Recycling Catalytic Converters

Most people involved in the Catalytic Converter Recycling businesses are involved in the collection and sorting of whole scrap catalytic converters from auto repair and auto wrecking operations. This is a simple, straightforward reverse distribution business model with a relatively low barrier to entry. Dealing with whole, sealed catalytic converters involves the grading of different makes, models & sizes of scrap converters and these whole units can easily be identified, recognized, and bought and sold as is.
Some people involved in the Catalytic Converter Recycling business also DECAN the catalyst materials from the whole converters. The typical method of removing the auto catalyst from inside of the catalytic converter involves shearing the steel or stainless steel shell or case open and releasing the bead or honeycomb biscuits. Since the recovery value is in the Platinum Group Metals (PGM) coating on the ceramic catalyst material it is important to collect all the dust and small pieces that are contained. In most cases the scrap auto catalyst material is crushed or milled to a uniform powder for further processing. Once the auto catalyst has been separated from the sealed converter the recovered catalyst material must be sold by PGM content established by independent lab assay.

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Recovery of PGM's from Auto Catalyst

Due to the high temperature tolerance of the auto catalyst material, direct melting is not an efficient option to recover the PGMs (Platinum Group Metals) from the ceramic materials. In the early days of recycling auto catalyst some operations used a wet chemical extraction method, by the most common method used today is a Plasma Arc Furnace where high temperature separation can occur efficiently.

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