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About Catalytic Converters

In an effort to achieve the reduction of hazardous substances emitted to the environment, lead has been removed from the gasoline that fuels our cars. To further reduce air pollution and eliminate the emission of unspent fuel to the atmosphere a pollution reduction devise has been installed on the exhaust system of automobiles. This device is called a Catalytic Converter. The Catalytic Converter is an enclosed chamber installed in line in the exhaust system of your car. The chamber is filled with a high temperature ceramic material that is coated with a catalyst. The raw exhaust fumes travel down the exhaust system and into the Catalytic Converter chamber, the unspent fuel in the exhaust collects on the surface of the catalyst material. The combination of the retention time and heat inside the converter allows the unspent fuel to be burnt off and results in cleaner emissions to the atmosphere. The catalyst typically used in Catalytic Converters is Platinum Group Metals (PGM). PGM's consisting of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. There are two (2) common types of auto catalyst materials; Bead & Honeycomb. The bead material consists of high temperature ceramic pellets, coated with PGM on the surface. The honeycomb material is usually in the form of a high temperature ceramic biscuit that consists of small channels or tunnels that look like the honeycomb in a beehive. The biscuit surface is coated with PGM's.

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