Markets for Waste Materials
Track daily market trends for waste material markets and secondary commodities.

Exotic & Precious Scrap
was established to link buyers and sellers of magnesium and aluminum scrap

Secondary Commodity
Composite Index
Scrap Metals Composite Index

tracks the changing market prices
in the scrap metals industry

Price Reports Available
(by grade)

Old Mixed Aluminium Scrap
Utensil Aluminium Scrap
Aluminium Turnings
Aluminium Extrusion Scrap
Low Copper Aluminium Scrap
Aluminum Litho Sheet Scrap
Cast Aluminium Scrap
Clean Painted Aluminium Scrap
Painted Aluminium Insulated Scrap
Coated Aluminium Scrap
Aluminum Can Scrap / Used Beverage Cans (UBC loose)
Shredded UBC (Used Beverage Cans)
Baled UBC (Used Beverage Cans)
Briquetted UBC (Used Beverage Cans)
New Beverage Can Stock Scrap
Remelt Aluminium Ingot
Remelt Aluminium Sows
Mixed Irony Aluminium Scrap
Low Grade Irony Aluminium Scrap
Scrap Auto Transmissions
Scrap Aluminium Auto Rads
Insulated Aluminium Wire Scrap
Supported Aluminium Cable Scrap
Bare Aluminium Wire Scrap
Scrap Aluminium Auto Wheels
Aluminium Nodules
Scrap Alumifoil
Paperbacked Alumifoil Waste
Mixed Auto Fragments

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