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    Historically the profitability of any recycling operation was determined by the one person in the room with no windows (the master trader), that was in control of buying and selling every pound of material that moved through the operation.

Recognizing that Collection, Processing, Sorting and Transportation are all just costs and that the only activity that generates profit is the trading.
Establishing and maintaining the margin between the buying and selling of the secondary commodities to cover the costs and drive a profit is the goal of the trader.

Scrap is finite, there is a limited supply available, once waste or raw scrap materials are converted into the proper grade and specification it can be marketed worldwide as a secondary commodity.
Secondary commodities are interchangeable with virgin materials in the industrial supply chain and as a direct substitute you can sell 100% of the commodity you can obtain provided that virgin materials are being consumed.

Virgin commodity markets are well established and free and fair market values prevail and no one person can manipulate or control market prices.
If you can sell 100% of the material you can acquire and if the world market price to sell secondary commodities is predetermined then the primary focus of the trader is buying.

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