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Grades and Specifications

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  Grades and Specifications

    Grades and Specifications of secondary commodities provide a standard for quality and consistency of the raw material feed stocks for industrial manufacturing streams.

Once a material has been converted, sorted and graded to meet the specification of a secondary commodity it is a valuable raw material feed stock that is interchangeable with virgin materials.

Secondary commodities are not garbage, trash or waste no matter its source or origin.

There exists a perpetual conflict in the recycling industry between the mentality that is the basis of an efficient waste hauler that deals with volume bulk material handling and a recycler/trader that deals in quality secondary commodities.
This conflict is reflected in the basic approach of sorting good materials from garbage vs. sorting garbage from good materials. Depending on the basic approach that is engineered in a recycling process, this will determine the ability to control and produce quality secondary commodities or not.

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Municipal Solid Waste MSW
    Municipal Waste Collection
    WTE Waste to Energy
    C & D Waste (Construction & Demolition)
    Curbside Separation
    Wet/Dry Recycling
    DropOff Recycling Depots
    Resource Recovery Facilities

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