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If you have newspapers, cardboard or paper that you wish to dispose of and have recycled, please let the Waste Exchange go to work for you. Tell us the estimated quantity that you have and your location and the Waste Exchange will match you directly to a local recycler. This is a free service

Paper Recycling Process

Most folks in the paper recycling business are involved in the collection, sorting and baling of waste paper. This process encompasses collecting loose paper from numerous sources, then sorting and grading into paper stock grades that are acceptable for consumption by paper mills as a secondary fiber supply.
The baling process compacts paper into mill sized bales of a minimum of 1,000 lbs. each. Baling maximizes the shipping and material handling efficiency. The Equipment Finder Service may assist you if you wish to buy a baler or baling wire.
Paper Recyclers or Waste Paper Dealers typically consolidate mixed waste paper into trailer lot loads (40,000 lbs. or more) of single graded and baled secondary fiber. If your company is a Waste Paper Dealer you can add your company to the on-line directory.

If you wish to buy or sell baled waste paper, Please feel free to add your inquiries to the Waste Paper Exchange.

Aggressive dealers should check-out membership in

Waste Paper Prices

The Waste Paper Composite Index tracks market trends from the Waste Paper Exchange.
Reports are available for the Daily Spot Market Price, 90 Day Price Snapshots, past 12 month Price Reports, Historic Quarterly and Annual Prices and a Multi-Year Price Summary

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