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If you have tires that you need to dispose of let the Waste Exchange go to work for you. Tell us the estimated quantity that you have and your location and it will try to match you directly to a local recycler. (This is a free service). Please note that when disposing of scrap tires there is sometimes a "tip fee" charged by the person collecting your tires. A tip fee is a “fee to collect scrap tires” that is used to offset the material handling costs.

Tire Recycling Process

Most people in the tire recycling business are involved in the collection, sorting and grading of tires. This process encompasses collecting scrap tires from numerous sources, then sorting the tires for reuse or recycling. Tires are sorted into:
1) Salvageable tires: These are tires that can be repaired/retreaded and sold as Used Tires or Tire Casings
2) Un-Salvagable tires: These scrap tires would then go for recycling by the following processes:
  • Tire Slitting into Tire Parts
  • Tire Chipping or Shredding into Tire Chip, Shred or TDF
  • Tire Granulation into CRUMB Rubber
  • Tire Pyrolysis

    To buy Tire Recycling Equipment place an inquiry in the The Equipment Finder Service

    If you are interested in entering the tire recycling business, check out The Tire Recycling Market Guide. The Tire Recycling Market Guide is focused on providing a rapid understanding of tire recycling fundamentals from an economic standpoint or market basis. It provides an overview of the flow of scrap tires throughout collection, tire salvage, and the processing stages of the scrap tire recycling process.

    If you wish to buy or sell scrap tires in quantity, please feel free to add your inquiries to the Crumb Rubber Exchange.

    Aggressive dealers should check-out membership in

    Scrap Tire Prices

    The Tire & Rubber Recycling Composite Index tracks market trends from the Crumb Rubber Exchange.

    Reports are available for the
    Daily Spot Market Price
    90 Day Price Snapshots
    Past 12 month Price Reports
    Historic Quarterly and Annual Prices
    Multi-Year Price Summary

    Tire Recycling Market Guide
    Tire Recycling Market Guide

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