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The basic theory of Commodity Residue Recovery is establishing a method to handle residual left-over materials generated from the sorting or processing of recyclables.

Residue Cannon Balling

The first step is to identify the elements contained in the residue (left-over fraction) and determining the percentage of each element in the total residue stream.

The next step involves consolidating like residue materials together in a material handling friendly form.

Analyzing the residue stream will allow you to determine the quality of residue generated and an economic value.

Developing a strategy to market for the residual materials on an as is basis or to designate for further processing.

Further processing of residual materials involves the whittling away the steam of materials, by designating and recovering one element from the consolidated materials (established by quality contained or by economic value) you are then left with your clean recovered material component and a smaller quality of next generation residual with a new matrix which you return to the beginning of the cycle and repeat the process.

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